Cosplay Competition at UniCon 2014

Best Debut - Amelija as Elsa from "Frozen” (DK);
Best Original -  Pandemonnium as Mythical Creatures – Guardians of the Forest Realm;
Best Prop - The Iron Throne. No problem as "Game of Thrones”;
1st place - Seagull the Jesus as Tristana, Lux and Talon from "League of Legends” (EST);
2nd place - Eternity as "Soul Calibur 5”;
3rd place - Thanks for smoking as Social Network Sites;
1st place - Fargus as Kabuto Masked Form from "Kamen Rider” (RUS);
2nd place - Sanahi as Ren Kougyoku from "Magi:The Labirinth of magic" (LT);
3rd place - Mad Матрёшка as Commander Shepard from "Mass Effect 3” (RUS);
UniCon Prize:
«Seagull the Jesus» as Tristana from League of Legends (EST)
Maria as Aveline de Grandpre from Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation