UniCon is the place where fans of comics, anime, books, movies, cosplay, crafting and many other fun things, meet to celebrate their hobbies, sub cultures or just find out something new to enjoy.
UniCon event itself is the first multigenere convention in the Baltic States. It is held in Riga - Latvia, since 2013. Usually, takes palce at the first weekend of August.
UniCon 2014 will be held on 2-3 of August 2014 in VEF Culture Palace (Riga, Ropažu street 2).
UniCon does not only limit itself to annual convention format, but also organizes other types of entertainment, educational and social events.

For example, "UniCon Club Games Evenings" take place every month, so that everyone interested can participate and play tabletop games.
We also particiapte and assist in such events as: "Dreamflash Riga", e-sports tournaments, public lectures, "Riga Latvian Society" events, Riga Municipality events and many others.

UniCon events are organised by "Jauniešu brīvo interešu biedrība".
UniCon team: 



Age: 24
Lawyer (LL.M.)
UniCon CEO aka Tyrantosaurus 
Fraternitas Arctica senior
LeSF president
Latvian nationality
Hobbies: cosplay, anime, videogames, series, roleplay games etc. & etc