The program contains contests you are already familiar with: "Cosplay portrait” and "One-hour themed drawing contest”. Both will take place during the event. The winners will be rewarded with diplomas and significant prizes. You can also participate in 5-10 minute contests, where the winners will receive prizes on the spot.


Cosplay portrait

Time: 30 minutes

Objective: to recreate the character cosplayed by the given model. Priority attention will be given to representation of the details and an overall image of the costume.


One-hour themed drawing contest

The theme will not be given until the start of the contest. A freestyle drawing of the given theme. Extra attention will be given to completion of the drawing after one hour.


What about "Home contest”? This time we want you to bring attention to the topic called "Change of roles”. The drawing can contain either original characters or fictional characters from movies, comic books, cartoons or anime. The characters must be drawn as the opposite of their role (for example: a villain portrayed as a hero or a cross over between two different characters.)


There are no requirements regarding the format of the picture. Both traditional (using paint, markers, crayons, etc.) and digital works are accepted. Digital artists must print and send their works.


Deadline: July 5th (via mail)


Requirements: You may bring the work yourself on the 18th of July to Coffee Inn in Krišjāņa Barona iela 13(Riga) or you can mail your work to Murjanu iela 99 - 47, LV-1024, Rīga, Latvija.

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