Arts At UniCon 2016

We are delighted to announce the UniCon 2016 Art Contest!

The programme will include the well-known competitions, such as "Cosplay portrait” and "One-hour thematic contest”, which will be held during the event. The winners will be awarded with diplomas and prizes during the Award Ceremony. We will also hold small 5-10 min contests, where the winners will be awarded on the spot.

Cosplay Portrait. 
Time: up to 30 min. 
The idea is to portray the character that is being cosplayed by an assigned person. The details of the costume will be evaluated the most.

One-hour thematic contest. The theme will be revealed on the spot. The participants will be able to draw freely within the given topic. The completeness on the drawing plays a huge role in evaluation.

Of course, we will have a "Homework competition” as well. This time we offer you to unleash your imagination and create a work within the "Inside a computer game” theme. You can use your original characters, as well as movie, comics and anime heroes. The point of the drawing is to portray a character as a game entity and their actions. If your chosen character is already from a computer game, you may place them into another game universe.

Also, we have another homework competition for you! You will have to draw a comic on a given topic. Conditions: 3 pages minimum, the more the better. This time the topic is "Me and the cosplay-me”. You can use movie, comics, anime, cartoon, etc characters as well as yourself in the drawings. The goal is to show us how the cosplayer acts in their daily life, free time and also during the conventions. Of course, you are free to pick what exactly to create.

There is no definite format for the drawings, we accept everything created with pencils, paints, copic markers, crayons and also digital works (the participant will have to print it out before giving it to us).

You can bring your work to us on till the 15th of July to UniCon Cafe, Aleksandra Čaka iela 58, Rīga. Contact e-mail: [ reveal email ]