Please welcome our judges for the cosplay and dance contest!


Tine Marie


Outfit Contest, Desucon 2010 – 4th place
Winner of Spillexpo’s Cosplay Contest 2012 (People’s choice)
Winner of The Gathering’s cosplay award 2013.
Honorable Mention – The Gathering 2014
Winner of Spillexpo’s Cosplay Contest 2013 – 1st place.
Winner of Yaya Han’s personal favorite award – Dreamhack Summer Cosplay Championship 2014
Winner of Blizzard’s Cosplay Category Dreamhack Winter 2014 – 3rd place.
Winner of Dreamhack Cosplay Championship 2015, 3rd place.
Winner of Komplett.se’s Cosplay Contest 2015, 2nd place.
Cosplay Guest/Judge – Komplett.se Dreamhack Winter 2013
Cosplay Guest/Judge – Komplett.dk Copenhagen Games 2015
Cosplay Guest/Judge – East European Comic Con 2015, Romania.
Cosplay Guest/Judge – Magnificon 2015, Poland.
ESL One  –  Cosplayer for Razer
Cosplay Guest – KawaiiCon 4, 2015
Cosplay Guest/Judge – GIGACON 2015




Shappi is a cosplayer with over 6 years of cosplay work, including taking part in local competitions , international Finals as well as  working for companies all over the Europe. She has been a cosplay judge in numerous competitions including many Euro Cosplay, European Cosplay Gathering and Cosplay Worlds Masters eliminatory rounds in Poland. She is also part of the jury at the most of the international convetions she is invited to. The most challenging judging expierence she had was European Cosplay Gathering 2014 Finals.

Major Cosplay Competition Awards :
~ Valkyrie Randgris ( Ragnarok Online) - 1st PLACE - Cosplay World Masters 2014
~Battleborn Kayle ( Legaue of Legends ) - 1st place in Cosplay Competition - Intel Extreme Masters Katowice 2014
~Brunhilde ( Zangeki no Reginleiv ) - 1ST PLACE SOLO - European Cosplay Gathering 2013
~Hextech Janna ( League of Legends ) - 2nd place - Barcraft Sapphire Edition 
~Redeemed Riven ( League of Legends ) - 1st place in Cosplay Competition - Intel Extreme Masters Katowice 2013
~Kamikirimusi ( Soul Calibur IV) - Best costume award - BXmassCon 3 
~Demon Hunter ( Diablo III): - Polish solo qualifier for European Cosplay Gathering 2013 - Mokon3
~Momohime ( Muramasa the Demon Blade): - 2nd place in Cosplay Competition - Magnificon IX 
~Inphyy ( Ninety-Nine Nights): -2nd place in cosplay competition at Love 3 Convetion, 2nd place in cosplay competition at GameDay 2012 
~Ysera (World of Warcraft): - 2nd place in Cosplay Competition - Mokon 2 
~Miwako Sakurada ( Paradise Kiss): - Best craftmanship award - MFGIK 2011 
~Dragonair ( Pokemon gijinka): - Best costume award - Japkon 
~Valkyrie Randgris ( Ragnarok Online): - Grand Prix ( 1st polish EuroCosplay 2011 qualifier) - Ch Love 2 
~Creator ( Ragnarok Online): - Best in craftmanship - Balcon 2010 
~Mercedes ( Odin Sphere): - 2nd place in Cosplay Competition - Ch3 : Childhood 
~Gwendolyn ( Odin Sphere): - Grand Prix ( Polish EuroCosplay eliminations winner) - Magnificon8 




Zel COShorse


EC, ECG and CWM preelims in Poland at conventions Mokon, Magnificon, Love (various years) Cosplay competitions at Animefest (Brno), KultCon (Sweden), Nyaaa (Lithuania) (and quite some more in Poland, can't recall all the names, sorry) Polish representative for ECG 2013 and EC 2014 2 times runner up in EC preelims, some prizes for best costumes and some more for best performances that I just can't remember. Often asked for some special kick-off cosplay performances especially while teamed up with Kairi (@kairiincosplayland)


Dulcinea Cosplay


My involvement in local cosplay community consists of hosting workshops and panels, taking part in cosplay competitions or being a judge for them. As of recently I am a part of Nyaaa! Cosplay convention organization, the head of cosplay department. 

Cosplay Competitions:
2012 - Nyaaa! Cosplay 1st place
2012 - NowJapan 4th place
2013 - NowJapan 1st place masters category and Euro Cosplay eliminations winner.
2013 - Euro Cosplay 4th place, judges favorite award for best props. 
2014 - GRY. Online.pl award for best craftsmanship

Judging experience: Nyaaa! Cosplay 2013,  Nyaaa! Cosplay 2014, Anime Nights 2014, Now Japan 2014 (Euro Cosplay eliminations), Magnificon (Euro Cosplay eliminations) 2014, Umi no Suna 2015.

Other involvement: 
European Cosplay Academy 2014 - team leader
Cosplay for beginners 2014 - teaching workshop
Nyaaa! Cosplay 2015 - event host



Stas Davydov


Not many may know, but the famous This is Хорошо host Stas Davydov has a cosplay past. And what kind of a past! He was the first to represent Latvia in EuroCosplay competition back in 2011, as well as he has a list of other cosplay achivements. 

2005 AnimeFest 2 (Latvia) - original
2006 AnimeFest 3 (Latvia) - Vampire Hunter D
2008 AnimeFest 5 (Latvia) - Vash the Stampede
2009 AnimeFest 6 (Latvia) - Gunzi (Togainu No ChiKamina)
2009 Cosplay Con II - Kamina (Gurren Lagann) 
2009 Anime X-mas - Adam Blade (Needless)
2010 AnimeFest 7 (Latvia) - France (Hetalia)
2011 AnimeFest 8 (Latvia) - Gundam
2011 EuroCosplay Latvian representative - Gundam


Maria (Lee Tao / Imay Lee cosplay)


In the first three years of my cosplay I was obsessed with dancing – and it was hard, because costumes usually are not comfortable for free movements. 
It came to pass, and then there was another passion – performance. It is still a big part of cosplay for me. Depending on the character I had to take some sword-fighting lessons, I thought through all the choreography, some acrobatics. 
Lately I started judging on our local contests.

Suigintou (Rozen Maiden) – II Place Duo Defile, II Place Dance (AnimeFest7, 2010) Spider Witch (Original) – Best Witch (Halloween Party, 2010) Gothic Lolita (Original) – Best Gothic Aristocrate, Best Dance (Anime X-mas, 2010) Sakine Meiko (Vocaloid) – Best Dance (Cosplay Con III, 2010) Miyamoto Rei (Highschool of the Dead) – I Place Dance (AnimeFest8, 2011) Gypsy (Ragnarok Online) – II Solo Defile (AnimeFest8, 2011) Gothic Lolita (Original) – I Place Gothic Lolita (nowJapan, 2011) CC (Code Geass) – II Place Cosband performance (nowJapan, 2011) Bellatrix Lestrange (Harry Potter) – II Place group Defile (Anime X-mas, 2011) Twilight Sparkle (MLP: Friendship is magic) – III Place group Defile (AnimeFest9, 2012) Kitana (Mortal Kombat) – Best of the Best Eurocosplay nomination (AnimeFest9, 2012) OtakuHouse CosplayIdol 2012 Europe finalist Jade (Mortal Kombat) – I Place Master category (nowJapan, 2012) Demon Hunter (Diablo III) – Best Performance award (London Comic Con Masquerade, 2012) Altmer (Elder Scrolls Online) – UniCon Prize (UniCon, 2013) Aveline de Grandpre (Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation) – EuroCosplay Latvian representative (UniCon 2014) EuroCosplay 2014 – 12th Place