Daydreamworks by Kitty-x


Dreamy jewelry that will bring a fairytale touch to your everyday wardrobe.
Bottle necklaces, earrings, rings, brooches and more cute handmade stuff~*

Kao Viets Ngujens

Vietnamese pop-up cards and comics.

Eat me Ink me


Eat Me Ink Me creates clothing, jewelry and accessories with a historical twist.
Lolita, Gothic and Steampunk are only few of the inspiration sources!

Shou ryu

Original art and fan art in anime style. Different prints, posters, cards, key chains and more.



Original and fan art. Unique handmade bookmarks, notepads, cards and many more.

Mad ideas shop by Tanuki      


Stickers, bookmarks, key chains, magnets and more in an original style.

Svetlana Tarsina


Fantasy polymer clay miniatures.


Hvitolg by Olga Bulgakova


Beautiful brass jewelry from Estonia by Olga Bulgakova.


Anastasia Libbo and Katrīna Sjomina

Handmade fantasy jewelry and miniatures.


Felted figures and key chains.


Dark and gotic lolita accessories and jewelry.

Simatian workshop


Cute accessories and geeky jewelry.

Olga Helly

Medieval style jewelry, accessories, key chains, bookmarks.

Ten Walker

Handmade pins and brooches.  


Vita Eglite

Anime related figures, posters, cards, stickers and other stuff.

Kar jo

Cute module origami figurines.


Fan art and original arts prints.



The group "Mehiko Māja” promotes the culture of Mexico with handcraft toys and comics from the Latvian-American studio Syndikatz.


Kawaii handmade plushies made to me cute and huggable!