Ghost in the Dolls 


Hello, UniCon! We are Latvian doll-collector community, and we are extremely happy to present you yet another doll exhibition - this time not one, but TWO days in a row! You're welcome to visit us both on Saturday and Sunday.

We took some steps to expand your experience in the magical world of dolls - this year we will be presenting you a great variety of doll types:

BJD (ball-jointed dolls) - BJDs are one of the most beautiful and life-like dolls in the world. They are made of polyurethane synthetic resin, with parts strung together with a thick elastic string - this construction makes them durable to play with and very flexible for posing! Doll sizes vary from ~10cm to 70+cm.

One of the greatest things about BJDs that makes them so special is a possibility of customization - you can change their wigs and eyes, combine different heads, bodies and body parts. Not to mention different faceups (face painting for BJD), clothes and shoes! BJDs can take your creativity to another level - dolls can serve you as an art object; a photo model; canvas for your artistic skills; a character in your written stories and RPG or a cosplay model. Doll owners all around the world express their imagination and polish their creative skills with the help of their BJDs!

Do you like cosplay? Well, get ready, because you will see a lot of it!

➣ A favorite classic - Star Wars, with one of the coolest characters ever - Darth Vader!

Final Fantasy VII - to celebrate the remake of our favorite game, because we did our waiting! 18 years of it!

➣ Beautiful and mysterious ladies of the Lodge of Sorceresses from an epic saga created by Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski!

Be sure to take a look at all the small hand-crafted weapons and armor, detailed costumes and props made by the doll owners for all compositions.

Also, be sure to visit our doll corner on both days, since some of the compositions will be changed on the second day. You will see another great variety of original characters represented in our beautiful dolls!

Mattel collectable Barbie dolls - are you ready to bust some myths about them? Be absolutely prepared to do so! Barbie dolls are ones of the most popular for collecting and customising. At our exhibition you will see special edition Barbie dolls - comic book and movie characters, a treat for every geek's eyes!

Monster High/Ever After High dolls - you'll get a chance to see the most popular playing dolls, both in their original attire and customly remade by their owners according to their artistic tastes. See for yourself how every doll can become a piece of artwork with a skilled hand and sparkling imagination of their owner!

During the exhibition you will be able to speak with us - doll owners, collectors, customisers, artists, users from Leļļuplaukts (DollShelf) forum. You are welcome to ask any questions, and we'll happily answer to all of them!

There are only a few rules regarding the doll exhibition  - please don’t touch any doll or composition details and don’t run near them! But of course you are most welcome to take photos of any doll you like!

See you at UniCon 2015!