Information about UniCon 2015 special guests: 

Tine Marie Riis

Category: Cosplayer 
Country: Norway
I´ve been cosplaying since 2009 and have cosplayed characters from games like League of Legends, Legend of Zelda, World of Warcraft and done some passion projects from animes and shows like Tokyo Mew Mew and My Little Pony. I have a wide range of interests within gaming and cosplay and usually work with projects that are of personal interest to me and that I´m really passionate about.

I´m a lifelong gamer who started out with Mario and Duck Hunt on NES, then moved on to computers with Red Alert and since then have owned most consoles from Nintendo and am personally a huge fan of Zelda, League of Legends and Warcraft. I have made lots of friends from the gaming and cosplay community that have turned out to be some of my best friends to this date. I love meeting new people and being a part of the awesome gaming/cosplay community that just keeps on growing. I have always loved being creative since I was a little kid, so being able to make my favorite characters come to life is such a wonderful experience.


Aleksandra "Shappi" Tora

Category: Cosplayer
Country: Poland
I come from Poland and have been cosplaying for over 6 years now. Troughout the years I have discovered my love for armored costumes and that has become my specialty now. I enjoy creating big props, wings, working with resin and electronics.
My love for games has led me to working in a gaming company as a costume creator, cosplayer and model, as well as a host for cosplay events.
I believe that one must constantly work hard on their skills in order to keep getting better. This mindset allowed me to take part in many cosplay competitions including Euro Cosplay ( 2010,2011 representative) , European Cosplay Gathering ( 2013 solo winner), Cosplay World Masters ( 2014 winner).

To me cosplay is all about the people I meet during my work! Every costume is a great adventure, and the process of creating it brings me as much joy as wearing it. I cannot express how happy I am to be a part of the community and I hope to stay with it as my life goes on! 



Category: J-Rock
Country: Japan

SANA is a guitarist in bands Mask, Kain, S3V3N. He is also known for wokring together with such popular voice actors and artists like Satsuki (ex-Renter en Soi), Kazuki Yao (voice actor in One Piece, Gundam and others), Hiroki Takahashi (voice actor in Prince of Tennis, GashBall and others). SANA will be presenting his new solo repertoire.


Category: Twitch Streamer
Country: Latvia
Twitch | Facebook | YouTube | VK | Twitter | Website

I've been live-streaming on for 20 months now and gained over 100 thousand followers. I had no clue what I got into back then, just tried broadcasting my gameplay on Twitch for fun. Half year later I got partnered and quit my job to do this full-time. I am an artist and somehow I managed to blend my creative work with gaming. So during gameplays, I sketch and paint scenes from games. I am currently biggest artistic channel on making a lot of gaming related pieces in live, interactive and fun way. I also like to do crazy stream marathons - like 168h long stream I once did. Also I am constantly working on new streaming projects, teaming up with other streamers and growing creative community on Twitch! 

Stas Davydov

Category: Video Blogger 
Country: Latvia/Russia
YouTube | VK | Facebook | Google+

This is Хорошо and Интернет-бомбит show host, also a vocalist in Banana Bomb music band. This is Хорошо is probably the most high-quality Russian internet show, dedicated to "letswatching" of viral videos. In the show Stas commentates on videos that his viewers link to him or that he finds himself. During its first year the show has gained 180 million views. In 2011 project received Runet Best Vlog Award. Today This is Хорошо has 4 million subscribers on YouTube.


Category: Cosplayer
State: Lithuania
Facebook | Blog

I am a cosplayer from Lithuania and I have been cosplaying for 4 years, although many people are unaware of this and think it is way longer than that. I take it as a compliment. I learned to make props before I learned sewing and started with full armor costumes before I could make a corset or a dress, but I keep challenging myself and learning things that I haven't yet. I am a strong believer in hard work versus talent, and believe that any craftsmanship can be learned through effort. During my 4 years of cosplaying, I have been Lithuanian representative in Euro Cosplay, received an award by GRY for best craftsmanship, took part in European Cosplay Academy (and later helped adapt it to a more interesting project towards cosplayers)  and was otherwise involved with all of the events in Lithuania - whether it's doing a panel or a workshop, judging, or even hosting a cosplay show. My greatest pleasure as a cosplayer and crafter is to help others with my knowledge that I got from my own trials and errors. 

Elena Rassokhina

Category: Video Blogger 
Country: Latvia/Russia 
Hi! My name is Elena Rassokhina and I’m making a YouTube show for almost four years now. My channel has more than 275k subscribers and 22 million views. I talk about the latest news, choosing the most interesting and/or unusual events in loads of different areas. It can be science and space, games and movies, interesting projects, culture and crime, goosey people stuff and many more. I’d be happy to see everyone who takes part of everything new and interesting at UniCon.

Renato Mahmutagic

Category: Organiser / Pro-gamer
Country: Norway
Linkedin | Facebook | Website 

"Renato Mahmutagic was born in Bosnia-Herzegovina and moved to Norway as a kid and war refugee in 1993. Today he works as Creative Director and founder of one of the largest gaming festivals in Norway called Gigacon and founder of talent, esports and cosplay agency called M Play. Started doing local LANs in 1994-1995 between 3 to 100 visitors, founded his first company in 2007 and developed a patented technology that was later sold to a world leading game developer. Renato has been directly involved in eSports since 2011 and started several events and projects and been one of the main personas behind electronic sports development in Norway the last years and now run an 8000 people festival and gaming event alongside with the largest esports tournaments in Norway. He is also former "pro gamer" (World of Warcraft) with the guild Method and have deep roots in Blizzards games. 

Jakub "Zel" Kołecki 

Category: Cosplayer 
Country: Poland 

I've started my cosplay career somewhere in 2006 and since then I was always kinda bound to cosplay community. I was one of Poland's representatives for ECG European Cosplay Gathering in group category, and also got an opportunity to represent Poland in EuroCosplay finals. While in costume, I really like to put up a show. Doesn't matter if I'm a participant in cosplay contest, a judge or guest. The thing I love the most in cosplay is performing in front of a live audience, sharing knowledge during my workshops and last, but not least - making tons of friends that share the same passion. Also goofing around. I really enjoy goofing around.



CategoryTwitch Streamer
Country: Latvia
Twitch | Facebook | YouTube | Twitter | Instagram

I am a streamer on for more than a year now playing video games and having lots of fun with my viewers. The biggest focus in my streams is viewer interaction, I always try to talk and get to know every single person that stops by and watches the stream, cause that makes Twitch experience a lot more enjoyable and personal when you are like a family with your community. I can honestly say that I have been gamer all my life - since I remember myself I have always been into gaming. When I was a toddler - played Spyro on PlayStation 1 and now - playing all of the biggest games out there as my hobby and carrier on If few years ago somebody would say to me that I will be able to play video games as my full time job I would laugh because of how unbelievable that would sound. Since the first day I discovered I knew that it is going to bring a lot of epic and awesome things in my life, and one of those awesome things is UniCon - the very first convention ever that I will attend officially as streamer! 


Category: Twitch Streamer
Country: Latvia
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I'm a content creator from Latvia. Passioned film maker and twitch streamer. I've been making Youtube videos for the last three years and doing live streams for over a year now. At this moment I've reached an audience with above 20 thousand followers and I'm strongly going forward. I've always loved how internet can connect the community and make a big family and that's my main mission, I want to show people that they can find friends or even a family on this crazy place - The Internet. That's why I'm focusing so much on communicating with the audience directly, making them to be a part of my streams and Youtube videos. For the last couple of months I've been partnered with MSI and at this moment I'm trying to do my best to start off a new era for my life with the help of the social networks. I'm planing to make a Gaming related Talk Show on Twitch and Youtube, make daily vlog content for my audience on my main channel and much more. I've noticed how life changing everything is since I started to stream on Twitch and do content on Youtube and I'm looking forward for more adventure.

Arthur Janson

Category: Video Blogger 
Country: Latvia/Russia
Facebook | VK | Instagram | YouTube
My YouTube channel has more than 25 thousand subscribers. I am making fake women accounts on dating websites and see what guys are writing to me. Sometimes it is funny and disgusting at the same time. My background in parkour, skating, psychology, video games, marketing, photography and music, allows me to make my videos more exciting. I will tell something that I’ve never explained in my videos.