Ladies and Gentleman, 
we have the honor to announce: SANA solo performance at UniCon 2015! 
SANA is a guitarist in bands Mask, Kain, S3V3N. He is also known for working together with such popular voice actors and artists like Satsuki (ex-Renter en Soi), Kazuki Yao (voice actor in One Piece, Gundam and others), Hiroki Takahashi (voice actor in Prince of Tennis, GashBall and others). SANA will be presenting his new solo repertoire.
Day: 2nd of August
Time: 18:00
Place: Main Stage
During the second day of UniCon 2015 it also will be possible to get SANA autograph and purchase special merchandise! 
SANA performance on UniCon 2015 is sponsored by Courland