This year UniCon will have a special space for all LEGO fans! Provided by Latlug!

Latlug City

Take a look at Latlug city to find out how the Avengers and other superheroes fight evil forces!


Latlug Master Class 

You do not know how to build a spaceship? Do not worry we will teach you! Take part in Latlug's master builder Andris' (aka TGBDZ) tutorial to make badass spaceships.

Latlug Exhibition


From cars and houses to spaceships and pets, take a look at Balticlug model exhibition as we invited our friends Litlug(Lithuania) and Estlug(Estonia) to bring their cool models as well!

Latlug Speed build

We challenge you to show how fast  you can build a small set. There will be prizes, so start practicing!

Latlug Cars

How good are you with the steering wheel? Find out by driving truck trial vehicles through an obstacle course to see how hard and fun it can be at the same time.

Latlug Free Build

You want to express your creativity? Go ahead and use free build corner, show us what you can build!