UniCon 2015 

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft 

BYOD Tournament

Tournament rules:
- Tournament is managed by LeSF and Pentaclick eSports staff.
- When controversial situations happen, staff will decide what to do with those situations. Their word is final.
- All participants must have sportsmanlike behavior.
- Cheating, unsportsmanlike behavior, "trolling" and other bad stuff can kick you out of the tournament (or UniCon). Please be friendly and respectful in our friendly community.
- Tournament format and defaults are blizz-like.
- Registration (online) - available until 20th of July on UniCon website.
- Registration (offline) - available at UniCon on 1st of August from 12:00 until 13:30.
Tournament format and defaults:
- Maximum slots: 32
- Tournament type: BYOD (Bring you own devices). You must bring your own device to the tournament (mobile/tablet), don't forget the chargers. Internet will be provided.
- All games are played according to the Single Elimination system in BO3. Finals are BO5.
- Finals will be held on the second day of UniCon and will be shown on screen and recorded.
- Each game in a match is blind pick for both players – no vetoes. When a player wins a game, the winning player cannot use the class that was used for that game for the remainder of the match. The player that loses a game can keep the same class or switch to a different class at their choice, with such a switch being a ‘blind pick’. The first player to win 3 games wins the match.
- Each player will submit three (3) classes prior to the event. If you decide to change your class, do it at UniCon before the tournament starts.
- After the first game in the match begins, if an Eligible Participant leaves the match lobby, or cancels the "game challenge”, or leaves the Hearthstone game client for any reason, it is considered a match forfeiture and the opposing Eligible Participant will win the match.
- Deck changing is allowed, but only between matches vs different opponent.
- Hero changing is not allowed when the tournament has started.