Shops at UniCon 2016




Major dedicated anime store Latvian Anime-san. We can buy their loved ones the figures large and small.T-shirts, bags, purses, towels with anime characters. Similarly, mouse pads, play mats, posters, postcards and bowls. Also, imitation jewelry (key chains, necklaces, rings). Manga and anime DVD in different languages. Several games with anime characters (Weiß Schwarz, Queen's Blade: The Duel, and others). Also, all very popular sweets Pocky.


HOBBYSHOP is the biggest shop in Latvia that specializes in Board Games, brain teasers and RC models. Our aim is to help people enjoy their free time by playing board games with their friends, or piloting RC models at 100 km/h speed. We are happy to participate in UniCon and share what we have to offer.

 ''Jāņa Rozes grāmatnīca''

A hundred year-old bookshop striding towards the fantastic future with biggest selection of Marvel, DC, Image, Vertigo comic books, graphic novels, manga, fantasy, horror and sci-fi literature, books about drawing, arts and crafts, books about video games, and some awesome stationary. And more books!


KOMIKSLANDIA was established in 2001 in Warszawa. Since that time we have been selling manga, anime, comics and graphic novels as well as tshirts, posters etc. We have been doing our best to spread anime and comics among people all around the city. We love what we do and this is why we are number one comic and manga store in Warszawa. We are happy we can be on UniCon and present our merchandise.

Pozdrawiam/Kind regards Łukasz Stokowski.

Dreamforge Latvia


Dreamforge Latvia is a game store and a pub where you can come to play tabletop games and wargames in a good company. We sell Games Workshop and Corvus Belli miniatures and game systems. We regularly hold events, tournaments and competitions with an aim for everyone to have a good time.


Kinoblogeri in collaboration with latvian alternative poster artist Harry Grundmann create artwork for all their film premieres, and more - beloved both by local film fans and Hollywood stars! At UniCon 2015 they will be presenting wide range of works (both previously published, unreleased and UniCon exclusive) in forms of posters, postcards and more! Also there will be signing sessions with Harry Grundmann (times TBD).


MegaGame is a cardgame store located in the centre of Riga and dedicated to Magic: The Gathering. We sell the latest Magic card sets as well accessories such as card sleeves, albums, deck boxes, and dice. It is also the place where most of Magic tournaments in Latvia take place and where one can meet other players.