HobbyShop Tabletops Zone at UniCon 2015!

During UniCon 2015 special zone dedicated to various kinds of tabletop games will be available in the exhibition hall! 


MAD KRAKEN CARNIVAL games at UniCon 2015!

Mad Kraken Carnival will host two of their socio-intellectual games, which you can play with your friends and complete strangers!

Club "Station .22"
A detective team game set in a fictional American city of Saint-Twins in the 50s. Study the case files, autopsy reports and gather evidence in order to solve the case - be a true detective! 

"Who? Where? Blgarbl!"
A fast-paced and wacky game for teams of four players, in which they compete to answer the question - "What the hell is going on?!".

More information available at our facebook page!
Due to the amount of in-game text, the games will be hosted in Russian only.