Infinity I.T.S Tournament 

1. Time and place:
Latvia, Riga 1st – 2ndof August 2015, in the Riga Olympic Sports Center (Riga, Grostonas street 6).
Start: 12:00 Saturday 1st of August 2015
End: 17:30 Sunday 2nd of August 2015

2. Tournament format: 300p pts ITS Mid-Tier, No SpecOps


3. The tournament will use standard I.T.S rules found on

4. Game plan:
First day
12:30 - 15:00 game 1 . Mission:Frontline
15:30 - 17:00 game 2 . Mission:Sieze the antenna

Second day
12:30 - 15:00 game 3 Mission:Supremacy
15:30 - 17:00 game 4 Mission:Biotechvore
-- Announcement of the results and award ceremony

Attention: Players’ name (and/or nickname), army lists and players I.T.S. PIN must be sent to [ reveal email ] until 20thof July for validation.

Tournament Rules:



1. General rules
In case of dispute, the judge has the final say.

All participants, judges included, are expected to behave according to universally recognized good manners.

2. Requirements:
Every player must have:

Three copies of their army rosters. One open (with all information you can show to your opponent) and two private (with Lt., point costs, camouflaged and airborne troops etc.), of which one will be given to the organizers to check its validity.

It is allowed to have up to two different army lists, though both of them must belong to the same army (vanilla or sectorial);

All of the counters needed in their army rosters;

All of the needed templates;

Amount of twenty-sided dices not less than highest burst in the army roster.




All models must be Corvus Belli miniatures or a conversion of these. Players’ own sculpts are permitted.

WYSIWYG is not required, but it is preferred to use a model from the same unit or troop classification (e.g. Fusillier with HMG instead of Fusillier with ML or Muyib instead of Govad).

Models are expected to have their Front Arcs marked. Disputes will be resolved in the favor of the player having Front Arcs marked.

Proxies are permitted in reasonable amount - about 3 per army list. It's permitted to use different models for units not released yet (e.g. Muyib instead of Govad or Yaogat instead of Rodok) - they do not count as proxies. All those miniatures, though, must fit the size of the model they substitute.

Models should be based on the bases suggested by their respective Silhouette value. In the case of the dispute about an incorrectly based model, the judge has the final say.

3. Results and pairings:
Players will be classified in accordance to number of scored Objective Points and in the case of a tie scored Victory Points will be used as a tie-breaker.

Pairings of players for the first round of the tournament will be random.

There is a possibility to challenge a player – but only in the first round, the challenged player can refuse.


Pairings in the subsequent rounds will be made according to the Swiss system.