Warhammer40k tournament at UniCon (2-3 August, VEF Culture Palace). 
Game Format - 1000pts

*Tournament allows for use of Forge World products under following contitions: 
1) You must use the latest rules for the models/army (i.e. Death Korps of Krieg use imperial armour 12)
2) You must have the model or a pre-approved conversion
*The tournament does not allow the use of Lords of war detachment as it severley changes the game balance, especially in case of smaller formats.
*The tournament allows the use of a single army, taken from a single codex. Use of allied forces is not permitted.
*However, supplements can be used as an army of its own and if you have it on hand. (i.e. supplement CSM:black legion)

*There is a restriction on the amount of flyers. No more than a single flyer per army. Furthermore, flying monstrous creatures also fall under the category of flyers. (i.e. CSM army can not have a Flying Daemon Prince and a heldrake at the same time.)

Send army lists and photos of any conversions to [ reveal email ] before 28th of June. They will be posted on the 1st of august.
Additional notes about the armies: 
1) Proxy models aren’t welcome but can be used. Their use must be discussed before the game. (please send questions to [ reveal email ] with a note "proxy”)
2) Conversions are allowed 
3) If you are using a cardboard model, it must be painted and match the size of the original model.
4) The armies should be painted, but the ones that aren't are still accepted.
5) If you are using a psyker with Daemonology, you must have models for summoned daemons. 

Please note:
1) Games are played with the 7th edition rules
2) The game does not allow the use of unbound armies. The game uses only a single force organization chart. 
3) Arguments and questions about the rules must be resolved with the hosts. 
4) Due to the fact that some rules in the 7th edition aren’t clarified, those rules will use the 6th edition version (i.e. blast rules).

Be sure to bring with yourself:

The army itself.
Codex supplments FAQ’s.
Lists of missions
Note: Since the playtime is rather limited, the availability of the 4th round is dependent solely on the time. If round 4 happens, the results be included only if every participant played this round.

1 round — Purge the Alien (1st day)
2 round — The Relic(1st day)
3 round — Big Guns Never Tire(2nd day)
4 round — The Emperor's Will (2nd day)


You must arrive at 12.00
The tournament starts at 12.30
Every round lasts 2 hours at most, with an optional 30 min break in between rounds.
Note for the latecomers:
Those who are late will play their first game on a terrain-free table as a punishment.