WinterСon continues the tradition of UniCon and this winter artists will have another chance to prove themselves worthy of the prizes! We will be happy to see the participants of past competitions, as well as first-time contestants.

The program includes such categories as "Cosplay portrait" and "One hour thematic drawing" which will be held on the day of the event. Winners will be rewarded with honorary diplomas and prizes. On top of that, there will be several small 5 minute contests, with winners receiving gifts on the spot.

"Cosplay Portrait”
Time limit: 30 min.
The goal is to draw the character, which is cosplayed by the person who has been assigned to you. The details of the outfit and the overall portrayal of the character must be emphasized in the finished work. 

"One hour thematic drawing”
The theme of the contest will not be disclosed until the beginning. Any kind of drawing on the given theme is allowed. Main criterion is how complete the drawing is after one hour.

And of course the "Homemade contest”. This time we offer you to think about "Christmas bustle" theme. Your own fictional characters, characters of movies, comic books, cartoons and anime can be shown in the drawing. The purpose of this is to convey a festive, pre-Christmas mood to viewers.
There is no set format for the work – you can paint it with paints, markers, crayons or make it digitally (contestants must send in a printed version of the work).

Date of submission: December 6.
Rules of transfer: you can bring your drawing personally on the 29th of November to Coffee Inn at the Krišjāņa Barona iela 13 (Riga), or send it through the mail to Murjanu iela 99 - 47, LV-1024, Rīga, Latvija.
Contact email: [ reveal email ]