Get your grandma's sewing machine out of the closet, because we are happy to announce the cosplay competition at WinterCon! 

The applications for the cosplay contest will be accepted until 23:59:59 (GMT+2) 30th November, 2014. ALL RECEIVED APPLICATIONS AFTER THIS DATE WILL BE DECLINED. The submitted applications will be looked through by the UniCon organizers. The jury of the convention will judge the performances, outfits and dances.

The applications are accepted in the following categories:
• Solo performance (no longer than 60s);
• Pair performance (no longer than 90s.);
• Group performance (no longer than 180s.);
• Dance (not longer than 180s.).

For the participation are accepted outfits from the following sources: anime, manga, films, series, animations etc. The obligatory condition is the completeness of the costume, as well as its first use for the event organized by UniCon Latvia. All contestants must send us the audio for their performance – in good quality and necessary length. The limit of performing with the same outfit – no more than 1!


It's necessary to add the following details to the e-mail:
• picture/s with the character/s (.jpg, .bmp, .png with min resolution: 800х600);
• music/record in the format of .mp3.

The application form must be FULLY completed.
Send it to: [ reveal email ]

Stage 4x8 m 

Awards will be given in the following nominations:
•«WinterCon prize» - the best cosplay according to the jury. Both the outfit and performance are evaluated;
•1-3 solo performances;
•1-3 duo performances;
•1-3 group performances;
•1-3 dance performances;
•3 additional categories, to be announced during the event.

The rules of performing
During the performances it is not allowed to include:
• demonstration of nudity, sexual deviations propaganda;
• excessive aggression; 
• use of obscene language;
• behavior that is contrary to the social norms (including alcohol, drug abuse, etc.).

The organizers have the right to refuse or withdraw an application at any stage in the following cases: 
• non-compliance with the theme of the event; 
• presenting an incomplete work; 
• disrespect towards other participants or the organizing committee; 
• other cases that violate the terms of the convention, or the legislation of the Republic of Latvia.

The organizers also reserve the right to reject or cancel without any explanation. 

Competition rules can be changed, or additions can be made. Follow the notifications. In all matters affecting the cosplay competition, contact us by e-mail: [ reveal email ] or the cosplay coordinator: Hency Heccu.