This time UniCon organizers are prolonging winter holidays by hosting WinterCon just after them! This time is very special – as WinterCon is the very first Winter event which will take place during two days. Anyone is invited to visit WinterCon III– a popular culture and technology convention!

New year – new location! For two days at Riga Congress Hall unique lush atmosphere and the spirit of friendship will prevail, gathering people of all hobbies and ages under the same roof.

WinterCon is a two-day event with festival and exhibition elements, where participants with various hobbies and interests can share their experience and even come across something new and exciting.

We are proud to offer you to take part in the following cultural phenomena:
- Board games, PC and console games,
- Cosplay (costume show),
Dance performances,
Entertainment technology exhibition,
Contemporary art,
Gaming competitions,
Comics and literature.

We welcome you and your friends to visit us on  January 7th and 8th at the Congress Hall (Krišjāņa Valdemāra street 5)!