Cosplay and Dance Competition  

Dear cosplayers! Here are the detailed rules:  [Rules in Latvian]      [Rules in Russian]     Cosplay Ethical Code
The deadline for applications is 15 December 2016 23:59.
Due to the time limits we can only accept no more than 100-110 applications.
At WinterCon III you will be able to perform in the following categories:
Solo – a solo defilé, where the focus is on your chosen character’s signature poses and movements, as well as your ability to get into the role and stay ‘in character’. Maximum performance length – 1 minute.
Duo (2 people) – a pair performance, where the audience will have an opportunity to see your characters interact. Maximum performance length – 1 minute 30 seconds.
Group performance (3-8 people) – everything alongside plays, skits, famous scene re-creations, comedy skits, etc, falls into this category. There cannot be more than 8 people in a group. Maximum performance length – 2 minutes 30 seconds.
Dance (up to 8 people) – you will also have an opportunity to show us your choreography talents. Maximum performance length – 1 minute 30 seconds.
Please make sure that your application conforms to the following rules:
1) To successfully apply for the cosplay contest you must send us 4 items:
A COMPLETE .doc application form (can be downloaded here) A template can be found here. Please, before sending, name your document in the following way: your-name_your-character.doc or your-name_character_fandom.doc, etc. For example: LeoFrei_Corporal_Levi.doc or SpookyYuki-as-Gin-from-Gintama.doc. This will make our lives much easier and earn you some karma points : )
Your music file – OBLIGATORY in the .mp3 format. Why .mp3? Because other formats might unexpectedly get corrupted/break/explode, and we will not be able to fix it. Imagine losing your music 5 minutes before going on stage! We all want to avoid it, so .MP3 ONLY, PLEASE. (No wav, m4a, wma, ogg or other stuff!). You can use this (or any other similar software) simple online .mp3 converter if you don’t know how to convert your music:
Your character reference image(s)(shown on the screen during your time on stage and also given to the judges for reference). Please select images that look good on screen and showcase your character in the best way possible. If you have an OC and don’t have a proper picture for it, ask around. Maybe a friend can help you draw it. If you give us and the judges a brief pencil drawing, we will think twice (maybe even three times) before letting it through. This image will represent you and your performance for the viewers, imagine how it will look on the big screen, in front of a large audience.
A preview video of your performance (you do not have to be in cosplay for this video, we just need to know what you are going to do on stage. If you have any special props, please include them in the video as well). Please note, that this is a very important step, as it plays a huge role in helping us decide who gets to go on stage. The quality of the video is not important (it’s fine to film it on your phone), but the content is.
Please attach all these files, including any necessary comments, to an e-mail and send it to us at [ reveal email ] We would be grateful if you used your name and character name in the SUBJECT of the email for all correspondence (it great if it’s the same name as your .doc file)
INCOMPLETE APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED! You can send your files in batches (for example, the .doc file and picture first, and music + video in a few days), but if we do not receive everything by Sunday 11.12.2016 23:59, the application will NOT be accepted. 

2) Make sure you state the category of your performance: Solo, Duo, Group or Dance. Please remember, that maximum number of participants in a single group is 8.
3) We accept costumes of characters from movies, series, games, anime, cartoons, visual novels and historical figures, etc – any officially published or broadcasted source.  
4) We also accept original characters, BUT: a detailed description and A MINIMUM OF 2 REFERENCE IMAGES are necessary. You are allowed to reasonably exceed the 300-symbol limit in the application form for your OC. The better you describe and present your character on paper, the easier it will be for the judges to evaluate your hard work. It is often the case that OCs do not get accepted into the competition or get overlooked by the judges because of lack of adequate reference. The better and more detailed your images are, the bigger is your chance to succeed.
5) Remember that all props must be safe. All prop weapons have to be made of safe materials (plastic, lightweight wood, foam, etc). If you have a metal blade, make sure it is blunt. All your weapons will be checked by security at the event entrance, and any sharp blades, swords, knifes, axes and other piercing and slashing items will be confiscated until the end of the event.
6) Make sure the length of your music track conforms to the length of your performance! For example, if your performance is 1 minute long, cut your music track accordingly, so it is also 1 minute long. Also, a new addition to the .doc file – now you can tell us in advance, when you want your music to start (before or after you come on stage). Please use this opportunity to make everyone, especially yourself, happier!
7) Make sure you choose which day and block you would like to perform in. There are 2 cosplay blocks on each day, so you have a choice between afternoon and evening. Remember, due to a large number of applicants the time slots will be allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis! If you absolutely must have a specific place due to costume change/special effects/health/travel reasons, PLEASE tell us as soon as possible, so we can reserve the place for you and avoid drama ; )
8) You cannot apply to more than 2 performances wearing the same costume.
9) Please provide us your ACTIVE e-mail address in the .doc file. We might need to ask you some questions or request a change of files, so you MUST check your e-mail every day to make sure everything stays in order! Remember that communication is the key to success : )
10) If you are a new cosplayer or have any issues with the application process, please don’t be shy to ask questions! Or coordinators will be happy to help you at [ reveal email ]
Regarding the availability of background video and smoke machine: we do not have this information as of yet, but we will make sure to keep you updated on it. Keep up with the news on our Facebook page. Also, microphones WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE for use during your performances, so please, plan accordingly.
Regarding non-contest entries: we will approach these requests individually.
We cannot wait to see what wonderful costumes you guys come up with this time! Good luck!
The rewards will be set as follows:
WinterCon prize – one place. Only the absolute beast of a performance will be worthy of this prize. Both the costume and performance quality will have to be top-notch. It has to be so grand that everyone will excitedly talk about it for the whole following year.
Best solo – 3 places.
Best duo – 3 places.
Best group performance – 3 places.
Best dance – 3 places.
Best costume quality – 1 place. A special prize for our pro crafters. The judges will evaluate the quality of craft, neatness of the stitches and paintjob, symmetry, costume durability, detail, wig styling, material quality, variety of techniques used, etc.
Best debut – 1 place. A chance for our new participants to take a bite of that sweet stage glory. Stage presentation, as well as costume quality and accuracy will be assessed.
Best original character – 1 place. Our judges will evaluate complexity and quality of the costume, as well as spectacularity of your performance.
There will also be a few surprise categories announced on the spot, so stay tuned!
IMPORTANT! One participant (or a cosband) is not eligible for more than 2 prizes. 
Please also read the following information.
The coordinators will not allow a participant to take part in the competition, if:
- They break the event rules;
- They break the laws of The Republic of Latvia;
- They are under the influence of alcohol or drugs;
- They behave in a disrespectful and/or provocative manner towards other participants or administration;
- They deliberately damage other participants’ costumes or props;
- They damage furniture, equipment or decorations of the event;
- Their costume is unfinished;
- Their performance contains excessive aggression, calls to violence, pornography or profanity.

A participant may also be banned from further cosplay competitions at UniCon and WinterCon events for a duration, at the administration’s discretion.
Also, the administration has the right to exclude a participant from the cosplay competition without prior notice or explanation.