Exhibitions At WinterCon III

Would you like to broaden your horizons? Then be sure to visit our mini-exhibition! Barbie is the most diverse cosplayer. During her over half-a-century long history she has managed to try on hundreds of different cosplays of characters starting from comic book and movie heroes to even presidents. The development and release of each doll costs unimaginable sums of money and the doll itself is made by the very best designers. We could really learn a lot from these extremely talented people, including how to present a character in the most advantageous manner. This time at WinterСon we invite you to take a look at our sea creature themed fantasy doll selection and also a fan-made overview of the various issues of Batman, including the portraits. Those who have not yet discovered the love for Barbie size dolls in themselves will be able to enjoy some alternative type of dolls and figurines in the Star Wars theme. We will be delighted to see all of you!