Information about WinterCon III special guests:   


Category: Cosplayer
Country: Czech Republic
Germia is a female gamer playing for the gaming organisation eSuba, an old school streamer, and a cosplayer specializing in strong female characters, armor and big weapons. She has been making costumes for about 2 years now and during that time she placed as second in Road to Blizzcon cosplay contest in 2015, she won Dreamhack Winter cosplay contest in Sweden and she is the European Champion for the year 2016, with the title from prestigious MCM Comic Con's Eurocosplay contest in London.
She is known for making tutorials, patterns and panels about cosplay and gaming to educate others more about this incredible hobby. In her real life, she is a computer science and languages teacher, jewellery artist and musician.

Photo: Skiu Photo 


Category: Cosplayer
Country: China / France
My name is JingJing. I'm a cosplayer from China. Currently, I am an art student in Paris, France. I started cosplay in 2008. For these years, I did lots of cosplay with my friends and partners in my hometown. I love to cos the heroic characters in World of Warcraft and the young girls in animation/cartoon (especially Japan Animations), such as Sailor Moon, Mercury Lamp (Rozen Maiden), Chobits, Jaina Proudmoore (World of Warcraft) and so on. In my views, all the cosplay activities are great chances for the fellows who like cosplay and who wish to share, communicate and understand each others. The most important thing in cosplay and cosplay activities is, in my opinion, happiness.
This is the first time for me to join a cosplay event in Europe. I am extremely honoured and excited to be the guest for the WinterCon. I hope to communicate with cosplayers and people who come from different countries and regions that love cosplay to share our ideas and better understand different cosplay cultures


Asgardian Fraud

Category: Cosplayer
Country: Poland
Laura is a polish cosplayer known under the stage name ''Asgardian Fraud''. She's been cosplaying since 2010 but costumes were always her passion - she's a seamstress, tailor and a costume designer, working in collaboration with theaters both inside and outside her country. She likes to take her time with costumes and experiment with fabrics and materials. Although she creates costumes mostly for work, she still takes her time to cosplay and travel in a role of cosplay judge, guest or as a head of cosplay workshops, making panels for other cosplayers around the world.


Category: Cosplayer
Country: Norway / Russia
Hi, everybody!

I am Alvi, a cosplayer from Norway. I was born and grew up in Russia and visited a lot of Russian conventions for a while ago. I am currently a very active member of a Norwegian community with experience both in competitions, judging and convention organizing.

Through my 10 years of active cosplay I’ve made more than 50 costumes and visited more than 100 conventions around in Europe, Russia and Scandinavia and won a numerous prizes. I will be happy to share my experience with all of you!

My favorite thing about cosplay is bringing dreams and fairytales into the real life through beautiful costumes and photography. I equally enjoy doing it myself and help and inspire others to do so.

I’m looking forward to meet all of you and is very grateful for the chance I’m given by UniCon to get to experience the Latvian cosplay community myself!


Photo: Katla Photo


Category: Cosplayer
Country: Poland
Kicking-Machine is cosplayer from Poland, who loves to transform into diverse characters. She is always in search for challenges and new techniques, which can be used in her costumes.
Her adventure with cosplay started in 2011, since then she won a lot of national contests. In 2017 she will represent her country for the second time in finals of prestigious European Cosplay Gathering in Paris. Guest and judge on multiple Polish conventions, looking forward to visit Latvia for the first time.

Photo: Pugoffka

Dark Inquisitor

Category: Cosplayer
Country: Russia / Austria 
Dark Inquisitor did her first cosplay on 5th May 2013, it was on Fluttershy/Murdershy from After 3 years of cosplaying she already did more than 36 shootings, cosplayed more than 40 characters, shooted a video cosplay and visited over 20 festivals and conventions. 

Dark Inquisitor thinks, that "Play" part is one of the most important for cosplayer. "Don't forget why we are here, to be characters we always wanted to be."

In real life, Dark Inquisitor is a student, a make-up artist and saleswoman in the make-up store, dancer, singer and drum-player. She is a very social and supportive person who loves to meet new friends all over the world.
"I am always happy to meet people at the convention, to give them compliments about their costumes and all the work they did, to take pictures with them and make conventions special for everybody. I hope we will have a really nice time together! Love and see ya, kiddos!"


Photo: Polli Gulina

Karel Potužník

Category: eSports
Country: Czech Republic
My name is Karel Potužník and I'm known in gaming community under nickname Pigi. I'm working for more than 7 years as manager of Czech gaming organisation eSuba. We are supporting Czech and Slovak players to reach success on local and European programming scene. In our history we have lot of successful players and teams like Call of Duty teams with names like Mazarini and Paradox, Trackamania racer and World Champion HakkiJunior and many more.
My presentation would be focused on building succesfull gaming team with local players and local partners, that can compete with European gigants. I will show you most important aspects of team management, marketing and public relations. Because gaming team is not just fun, its a business.