Hello everyone! Have you enjoyed the BJD (ball-jointed doll) exhibition at UniCon? We hope you did! We're happy to present yet another three beautiful compositions special for Wintercon - along with our guest stars, Mattel special edition collectable dolls, including comic book and movie characters, a treat for every geek's eyes!

So, are you ready to go from second star to the right and straight on 'til morning? You'd better be, because we have a magical world of Peter Pan waiting for you! Or are you more into rough hack and slash type of fantasy? Get ready to see our composition based on Witcher book and game series! And since WinterCon is a home for all the types of geeks, come and see our Geek New Year doll composition, featuring Devil May Cry and Rise of the Guardians cosplay!

A little more additional info: BJDs are one of the most beautiful and life-like dolls in the world. They are made of polyurethane synthetic resin, with parts strung together with a thick elastic string - this construction makes them durable to play with and very flexible for posing! Doll sizes vary from ~10cm to 70+cm.
One of the greatest things about BJDs that makes them so special is a possibility of customization - you can change their wigs and eyes, combine different heads, bodies and body parts. Not to mention different faceups (face painting for BJD), clothes and shoes! BJDs can take your creativity to another level - dolls can serve you as an art object; a photo model; canvas for your artistic skills; a character in your written stories and RPG or a cosplay model. Doll owners all around the world express their imagination and polish their creative skills with the help of their BJDs!

There are only a few rules regarding the doll exhibition - please don’t touch any doll or composition details and don’t run near them! It’s okay to take photos. If you have any questions - feel free to come and chat with us (someone from our community will monitor the exhibition at all times). We don’t bite and we’ll be happy to tell you everything we know about BJDs!

See you at WinterCon!