Workshops at UniCon 2015


Shodo Workshop

Day: 1st of August
Time: 12:30
Place: Workshop Zone at the Exhibition Hall
Participants limit: max 18 people
Calligraphy or shodo workshop will be held by the staff of the Embassy of Japan in the Republic of Latvia. Workshop will give insight to traditional Calligraphy culture and participants will be able to try painting Japanese hieroglyphs with a brush and ink.
"photo by PhotoMaterial"

"Action, Affection, Aggression"

Day: 1st of August
Time: ~16:00
Place: Main Stage Hall
Participants limit: max
- the practical acting classes held by ZelCOShorse (Poland). Everything you wanted to know about performing in front of a live audience during cosplay show, but you were afraid to ask! Come and practice your natural acting skills. Discover some really useful tips & tricks for a good cosplay performance. Work with other people during fun but useful exercises. But remember, if you show up here, you need to participate!

COMICS STORYTELLING with Syndikatz Studio

Day: 1st and 2nd of August
Time: 16:00 (1st day) and 14:00 (2nd day)
Place: Workshop Zone at the Exhibition Hall
Participants limit: max 18 and 21 people

Mikus Duncis and Eric Olive from Syndikats Studio will show, share and discuss comic storytelling techniques. Workshop will be given in two sessions: Saturday: Panel Layout, Sunday: Pen and Ink techniques.
Original pages from Sandman and Hellboy will be on display. Awesome door-prizes each day! Check them out and pre-register for them on Syndikatz Studio's Facebook page.

Origami Workshop

Day: 1st of August
Time: 13:30
Place: Workshop Zone at the Exhibition Hall
Participants limit: max 18 people
At the paper folding origami workshop with the guidance of the Japanese Embassy staff members one will be able to acknowledge and try traditional and modern designs of the Japanese origami paper creations. 
"photo by sozaing" 

Furoshiki Workshop

Day: 2nd of August
Time: 15:00
PlaceWorkshop Zone at the Exhibition Hall
Participants: max 18 people

Besides teaching Asian and English languages, Japanese-English Language School (JELSCHOOL) is going to show you some new fascinating aspects of Japanese culture. Come to our "Furoshiki workshop" and learn how to turn an ordinary piece of cloth into an elegant gift. The lecture is held in English and lasts for one hour.

Comics workshop by perspektivART

Day: 2nd of August
Time: 16:00 - 18:00
Place: Workshop Zone at the Exhibition Hall
Participants limit: max 32 people

Workshop of comics creation - come if you want to make your own short comic story. If you don't know how to start or you haven't got any ideas - we will propose you to play the games "Character creation" and "Story creation" and draw your own comic! If you think that you can't draw - come anyways, we will show you the best way how to draw comics fast.



CarlanaArt studio is the only licensed studio in the Baltic States offering bodyart, various facepainting, and temporary tattoos with different materials on a professional level. In the 2015, the co-founders and head artists of the Studio successfully represented Latvia at the World Bodypainting competition. At the Unicon CarlanaArt Studio will offer themed face painting, bodyarts, temporary tattoos (henna, glitters and a vast number of other) to the visitors and participants. The Studio uses only hypoallergic materials and paints registered in the European Union as well as operated with the civil liability insurance. The Studio cooperates with all the biggest children and adults entertainment agencies and events, such as LIDO, various nightclubs, RUST event, etc. You may check the Facebook page of the CarlanaArt Studio to check the latest creations and offers. During the event, the Studio is also planning to do some giveaways, like free face and hand paintings!